Commercial Videography

We believe in the power of story. Not all stories require putting pen to paper. Quite a bit of information can be expressed through vivid videography and images. What do you want your audience to know about your company or your brand? Rather than tell your audience how awesome and great your brand or company is, let’s show them!

Huynh visuals through storytelling can capture the very essence of what your business or company stands for. We use a step by step methodology to learn as much information as possible about your brand.  We assess the target market that you wish to reach and how to best reach them.  After the initial consultation this is where the fun begins.

Creativity is key for branding through videography. Nowadays almost everybody has access to a camera on their cellular phone. Business owners will many times try to tell their story themselves by sitting in front of a camera and pressing record. The problem with this kind of branding is it lacks creativity and is boring. The reality is that most people do not want to sit and hear a long winded explanation about why you guys are so great in comparison to your competition down the street. Through our branding videography we show them exactly why you are so great, through a well crafted visual story the viewer comes to a conclusion about your brand.

Distribution of your video is also key. Having a brand new sparkling video is of no use if nobody sees it. Huynh Visuals assists you on finding the right platforms to make your video available for your target audience. Social media allows viewers that enjoy what they see to easily share it with others that may be interested. If you are ready to take your brand to the next level please contact us and we can start on the process of telling your story.