There doesn’t exist a more special day for a couple than their wedding day. The wedding marks the official start of 2 people’s forever. We want to capture the start of your forever. Months of preparation go into planning a day that you hope to never forget.  Just like every other day your wedding day eventually becomes the past.  I am sure every bride and every groom would love to live every second and enjoy every vantage point of that day over and over again. Truthfully speaking, weddings tend to be a blur. The day can be stressful, emotional, and of course a lot of fun but if you blink your eyes for just a moment you may realize you are already driving away in a car that says just married.

Huynh visuals captures that memory of your wedding day.  We want to be there with you every step of the way from getting dressed in the grooms room, to the walk down the aisle, to the I do’s. We capture every single detail of that day. Are you ready to cut the cake yet? We will be there to capture it! Has music and dance taken over the night? We will be there to capture it!  Huynh visuals is there to capture your wedding day from start to finish. We take all the footage and put together an incredibly beautifully edited cinegraphic short film.

Your wedding day does not just have to live forever in your memory. Forty or fifty years down the road when your memory is not as sharp as it used to be, your beautiful cinematic wedding video will still bring a smile to your face.  We don’t create forever but we are there to capture it for you at its start. Contact Huynh Visuals to learn about our competitive pricing rates for wedding videography.

Let’s start working on forever together!